Life Lessons

Summer of 2021

As a teacher, I am lucky enough to have a few months off between school years to recoup before going back into the classroom. Because last summer was spend in quarantine, I wanted to make the most of this summer. Jeremy and I made plans for a few mini-trips throughout June and July, and I wanted to document them to remind me when I look back later.


As I mentioned in my Hard Reset post, we went camping in New York at Allegany State Park with some friends in June. I’ve been going to ASP since I was a kid and took Jeremy and friends when we were in college. This place has a special place in my heart because of all of the memories that I’ve made there. At one point, we were even talking about getting married there!

Visiting PA

Because of some personal reasons, we’ve been visiting our parents in Pennsylvania a lot more frequently this year. We hadn’t visited in a while before our weekend trip over July 4th weekend. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary during this trip, but I wanted to remember that we did visit for a long weekend this summer.

Trip to Florida

I love visiting my grandparents in Florida. We usually go around Christmas during our winter breaks from school, but because of COVID-19, we didn’t feel comfortable traveling this past Christmas. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve visited Florida in the summertime, so we decided to make a trip in July.

Our trip was July 7th through the 14th, and we had fantastic weather for it. While we were there, we tried many different restaurants, visited with family, and took a quick trip to Fort Lauderdale to visit a friend. In addition, my grandma and I got to go shopping together, and we all spent time at two different beaches and by my grandparents’ pool.

Virginia Road Trip

Two days after we got back from Florida, I jumped in my car and drove over seven hours to Virginia for a bachelorette party. One of my closest college friends got engaged in May and is having a courthouse wedding this summer. We had a small bachelorette party for her before that wedding, and next fall, she is having a big wedding with family and friends.

We had a car to drive us around to three different wineries. The first winery we went to was Pippin Hill, which was super classy. The view was beautiful, and the wine was fantastic. The second place was Delfosse, and it was my least favorite winery I’ve been to yet. The tasting took over an hour, and the wine wasn’t very good. The third place was Brent Manor. A couple runs this last place on the weekends because they have jobs that they work during the week. They were extremely nice, and the wine was decent, but there wasn’t anything that I wanted to buy a bottle of.

I stayed in Virginia for a second full day, and we went to another winery after spending a little time at the pool. This last winery is one that both of my friends work at, and it was fantastic. It’s called Prince Michel, and I will visit again next time I go to Virginia. I did a wine tasting and liked almost all of the wines I tried (there were eight in the tasting). I ended up buying three bottles, which I’m so excited about.

August Plans

I just got back home from Virginia last night, so I’m exhausted. I plan on trying to relax for a couple of weeks and rest. We have one more trip planned in August before we both go back to school. We rented a cabin in Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio and met up with friends we typically camp with. I don’t even know if this cabin can qualify as “glamping” because it’s really nice. It has a hot tub and everything!

Anyways, this was more like a journal entry for me, so I can remember all of the wonderful things I was able to do this summer. So until next time, happy learning!