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    13th: A Closer Look into Racism in America Part I

    Mass incarceration is a huge problem in the United States. Out of the world’s prisoners’ population, one out of five of those prisoners is in the United States. The only country that comes close to the U.S. is China. The number of incarcerated people in the United States has spiked…

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    Talking Politics as a Teacher

    It’s really hard to teach in a world where the political climate is the way that it is. Almost everything in the news is about politics, whether it be about Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, or even the election itself. Kids are sponges, and they pick up everything that they hear…

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    Thoughts Before the Election

    I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. I feel like the education system was good and I was privileged to have a comfortable upbringing with a supportive family. My family was pretty open about their opinions and beliefs, but one thing we never really talked about was politics.…

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    Concentration Camps in China

    The other day, I watched a John Oliver episode that horrified me. In this episode, he talked about the camps that are in China, and who’s being held in them. I vaguely remembered listening to podcasts last year about the subject, so I decided that I wanted to dig deeper…

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    Pumped Up Kicks

    Some of my earliest memories include music. Singing along with songs on the radio, hearing music playing throughout the house while I baked Christmas cookies with my mom, or dancing to my CD player in my room. I’ve noticed more about the music that I grew up with as I…

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    Too Much Stuff A few years ago, I walked across the stage at my college graduation, packed up the last of my things from the house that I lived in off campus, and drove home. Not including furniture, it took three cars to pack up all of my things that…