The Dark Side of Disney

I've always loved Disney, and I've gotten interested in the stories that Disney adapted. Read about the darker versions of Disney stories!

  • The Dark Side of Disney

    6 Times When Disney was Racist

    I love everything Disney. My family spent a lot of time in Disney World when I was growing up, and I know many random facts about Disney that I’ll never need to know. The other day, Jeremy and I were watching one of our favorite Twitch streamers. He was looking…

  • The Dark Side of Disney

    The Dark Side of Rapunzel

    As I continue looking at Disney stories and how they’ve been changed and adapted, I notice that some tales have a much darker ending in older versions. There’s a lot more death and pain than Disney has in their movies, and I think it’s good to know where the origins…

  • The Dark Side of Disney

    The Dark Side of Mulan

    A few weeks ago, I started looking more at Disney stories and where they originated. I did a deep dive into Cinderella and found that there was even more to it than I initially thought. I decided to continue exploring Disney stories with another classic tale with origins that date…

  • The Dark Side of Disney

    The Dark Side of Cinderella

    Disney is known for its colorful movies with music and happy endings, but they took many of their stories from other authors. The stories that we know so well from Disney were not originally happy stories. I decided to read some of the original stories to see just how much…